Tuesday 15 May 2018


New summer opening times from the 21st of May until September #cathalbrughalibrary #cathalbrughalibraryopeningtimes

Saturday 5 May 2018


Your library account allows you to:   
·         Renew books
·         Place a book on hold
·         Create a history list of the books you checked-out
·         Access databases, eJournals and eBooks off campus

Renewing books

This is what your account looks like when you have a book checked-out. To see the items you have checked-out click on Items currently checked out (see image above, link circled in red).

To renew a book simply click on the link 'Renew All' or 'Renew Marked' (see image above).

Creating a reading history list

You can create a list of every book you check-out by clicking into the 'Reading History' link. A reading history is great for citing, as it allows you to find books you have used for your research. And click the 'Opt In' option.

Placing a book on hold

If a book you require has been checked-out by someone else, you can place a hold on it by asking at the library desk or, following these simple instructions:
  1. Click on request (see image 1 below)
  2. Type your student/staff number and four digit pin number into the request verification (see image 2 below).
  3. If they are the correct item, click on 'Requested selected items' 
  4. Image 3 shows what a hold looks like on your account. If you need to cancel a hold request see the links underlined in red in Image 3

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Monday 9 April 2018


CAO Opening Day for culinary arts and hospitality is Wednesday 25th of April, 14.00 - 17.00 in DIT  Cathal Brugha Street

Tuesday 3 April 2018


Normal term opening times resume for April 2018. Library reopens Tuesday, 3rd of April: 9.00 – 21.00

Tuesday 27 March 2018


Written in 1758, in an English Religious community, this book contains the unique and original recipes of John Thacker. This book gives a rare insight into the diets and lifestyles of 18th century Englishmen. Click here for location.

“This clear, practical, and straightforward text demystifies the research process and empowers students and other new investigators to conduct their own original research projects.” Click here for location.

“The book addresses several aspects of olfaction, including perceptual qualities, percepts, olfaction and cognitive processes, and consciousness.” Click here for location.

This book offers “…a deep and wide-ranging exploration of relationships among genres of public performance and of the under-lying political motivations they share. Illustrating the connections among three themes – the political, the carnivalesque, and the ritualesque – this volume provides rich and comprehensive insight into public performance as an assertion of political power.” Click here for location.

Highlighting new approaches and thinking that have been established and implemented in tourism research. Click here for locaion.

“Sometimes referred to niche or contemporary tourism, tis book provides a complete introduction to the study of special interest tourism for students … demand for more focused activity or interest-based tourism experiences. This book approaches the topic from the perspective of both supply and demand, and addresses the complexities now inherent in this area of tourism.” Click here for location.

“This is the book that research students and their supervisors have been waiting for. Much more than a mere guide to thesis writing, it offers wise and practical advice on every aspect of the journey from research to publication.” Susan Wallace, Emeritus professor of education, Nottingham Trent University. Click here for location.

“Using real-world cases, student vignettes, and reflective questions, this book shows you how to design and write a successful graduate thesis." Click here for location.

Wednesday 14 March 2018


Just a gentle reminder of our closing dates for
                  St. Patrick's Day