Saturday 22 May 2010

exams music drink and rehab

You can tell the exams are here - the weather is too good. So no harm in a bit of light relief. In the same issue of Food and Wine as featured Conrad (see post from 18th May) is a highly unscientific but probably well researched piece on what drinks go best with different pieces of music. So what is it that has you reaching for the neat vodka, by the neck, for the Sex Pistols and a saccharine alcopop for Lady GaGa. Is it mood, place, taste, culture? At one time or another we've all been driven mad by piped mall musaz and there is a whole school of psychology based round backround music, tempo and volume, and shopping habits. But this is the quality end of the spectrum they're talking: the hint of pencil shavings guff, the flavours of deep black cherry with the slightest nuance of clean earth stuff.

So it's single malt for Miles Davis Kind of Blue, a Bollinger Champagne to accompany Mozart violin concerto 3, a Grand Marnier, on the rocks of course, for Suzanne by Leonard Cohen and a Bloody Mary, what else, for Rehab by the inimitable Amy. Though i don't think that's what she has in hand in the photo above.

Friday 21 May 2010

protecting the EPA?

The Environmental Protection Agency has been part of our ecolandsacpe for over 15 years. Many of it's publications available in the library, through our sub to the Barbour Index and their own website. But is it now itself an endangered species? Minister John Gormley, as part of the 'Programme for Government' has instigated a review of their work, mandate, scope, effectiveness. Ones first cynical reaction in the present financial climate is nails and coffins but i don't think that's the case in this instance. The review group memebership would not give that impression nor one of their key aims " access whether the the Agency's mandate should be strengthened to meet environmental challenges ahead." Anyway you can have your own say as the review panel is looking for public thought comment or suggestions by email or post but you'll need to have it in by 28th of this month. Consultation doc, Supporting info and Invitation to Comment all at the departmental website

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Conrad Back

Well he had gone away yuknow. Conrad Gallagher, chef, author and role model for a generation of aspiring 1st year DIT chefs is back. There was a major retrospecive of his work ...ops sorry interview, in last saturdays Irish Times. He also was the cover story in the June issue of Food and Wine which like his books is of course available in the library It's a fascinating journey from Killybegs to the NewYork Plaza, rubbing shoulders with Trump and Clinton, cooking with Alain Ducasse and a Michelin star at 26 - the heady days of Peacock Alley before it all went belly up with bankruptcy, the long hand of the law, and a little incident with the Fitzwilliam Hotel over "those" paintings. His new restaurant Salon Des Saveurs is located in Aungier St. and despite the Irish Independent review "a bit retro and out of kilter with the times" i don't doubt that it's worth a detour, and going on past form a future candidate for the Pellegrino 50 best restaurants. Just don't ask him to pass the salt.

Friday 14 May 2010

DIT students, graduates and staff turn up on a regular basis in the pages of Hotel and Restaurant Times - and website. The latest issue is no exception. It may not be Hello, but it is probably the premier trade publication for the Hospitality industry in this country. Articles and photos of DIT Hospitality Management students who won the 25th IHI Business Game. And of Leisure Management students embarking on the "Virtual International Programme" (VIP) with students from the IHE University in Breda, Netherlands. And a piece highlighting the work of 2 PhD Tourism students developing a possible new start up venture "Irish Ancesttral Holidays". Good luck to them all.

Thursday 6 May 2010

For Irish Times readers

The Irish Times has recently changed its online access policy.

The "normal" online version, which is still free, gives access to the written content of the paper. However, for the all-singing, all-dancing e-paper, access is more restricted. Most punters will now have to pay a subscription charge to read the e-paper.

However, DIT Libraries' munificence has once again come to the rescue! DIT Libraries have obtained 5 concurrent user licences for the e-paper, so that readers within DIT, or DIT readers with PIN numbers for external access, can get onto it - as long as everybody doesn't try to do so at once!