Wednesday 27 February 2008

Champagne Charlies

two colourful movers and shakers in Dublin in recent days. At the weekend for a tasting and promoting his premier cuvee was PierreTaittinger, of the champagne dynasty. Having lost control of the family business he recently bought it back for 660mill euros. He described the Irish as "elegant drinkers" and as for the champagne " demand is keeping prices reassuringly expensive." Thats v. reassuring. Another alpha male concerned with bubbles in this case property ones is US millionaire, speculator, investment guru Jim Rogers. In town for a speaking engagement he has relocated from America, sees China as the market to be in (he's having his children all learn Mandarin in preparation) the yen as the currency to back and commodoties such as coffee, sugar and cereals as ones to watch. He said "Agriculture is the place to inflation would rise because inventories were at their lowest in 40 to 5o years in some cases." So when can we expect to see the DIT offer a degree programe in Food Science and Chinese.

Wednesday 20 February 2008

The world on a plate

Last Saturday the whole of the Guardian travel section was devoted to a 100 food and drink themed holidays - what they called "Globe troughing" - Best food trails, best street food, best boozy breaks etcetc. Ireland manged 5 entries (i suppose that's not bad) . Under Veggie a mention for Cafe Paradiso in Cork. Under Rustic, making chesse at Corleggy Farmhouse in Cavan. Under Food Trails, Fabulous Food Trails, based in Ranelagh Dublin. Northern Ireland gets an entry as an Underrated Destination - see, it's not just all Ulster fries and steaks larger than your plate. And finally the best oysters are to be had, apparently, in the Shelbourne.
Once when in New York I visited the famous Central Station Oyster bar where they had more that 20 varieties of oysters on offer. The cheapest was $3. I aksed is that for 1 or 1/2 dozen? The barman looked at me and replied with typical New York derision. "Hey buster this is Manhattan."

Friday 15 February 2008

you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs...

...was a famous sinister quote from Joseph Stalin. I don't know if he had any ambitions in the kitchen but one man moving in the other direction, from pantry to politics, is the new Prime minister of Thailand, Samak Sundaravej. He's a top chef in the country with his own TV cookery show "Tasting Grumbling" though it was taken off the air during the military crackdown late last year - imagine if that happened to Gordon Ramsey in the UK. I presume he hopes to get it back on the air now and rule the country with a frying pan in one hand and the ballot box in the other.

and what about elsewhere. Check out the Axis of evil cookbook by Gill Partington in the library to see what meals of mass destruction they're serving up in Iraq, Iran, North Korea and elsewhere

Conference of Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland

Shouldn't be advertising the opposition - no i suppose we're all profesional colleagues. The Institute of Technology Tralee will be hosting the 4th Conference of Tourism & Hospitality Research in Ireland on the 10th-11th June. The theme is Reflections: Irish Tourism & Hospitality - A Sucess Story?" (glad they put the ? in) and they have secured an impressive list of keynote speakers including professor and author John Tribe - we've 6 of his books here in the library, Claudia Green, Dir. of Hosp&Tourism @ Pace University, Eamoon McKeon, and Dick Spring. As this is the 4th i was curious to check out previous locations for this bash. Ulster, Waterford and Dundalk. Wot no Dublin? Full conference details from the website or Fiona Tobin in Tralee 066-7191811

Thursday 7 February 2008

Gehry, Garish or Gaudi

Now here's just the man to design the new Grangegorman campus for DIT. He put Bilbao on the map though the city has plenty of other great attractions including the BEST covered food market in the whole of Spain. Anyway one of his latest triumpts is the Hotel Marques de Riscal an hours drive from Bilbao, in Elciego, Rioja country.

If you look closely at their photos and virtual tour you'll see that the concrete exterior changes colour as the sun moves across the sky, and as for the titanium roof billowing like a matadors cape (sorry, enough verbosity). The photographs tell it all or book one of the 14 rooms - you'd get valentines night for 375euros. In the dit library we have a number of books in the "HIP hotels" series by Herbert Ypma ....this is as hip as they come.

Tuesday 5 February 2008

Failte Ireland Tourism Research scheme

This week Failte Ireland launched their Tourism Research Scheme 2008/09 for the Higher Education Sector. All details on their website but it'll probably get more exposure here than there. Three major enhancements to this year's scheme. The Tourism Research Scholarship for postgrads starting in October at 16000euros per annum. Applied Industry Research Fellowship for a practicing academic to undertake a concentrated period of tourism/hospitality research. And thirdly a Thematic Tourism and Hospitality Research Project offering institutional funding up to a max of 150000euros. Full and complete details on the website.

PS treat the post below as a minor loss of editorial control
It is with great regret that Stephen Dunne (pictured) is leaving us to take up a loftier position at DIT Library Bolton Street. We wish him

Friday 1 February 2008

Hospitality Expo 2008

Quick post just to let you know that Hospitality Expo 2008 is running in the RDS 4th-6th Feb. This is the biggest trade show of the year for the industry in Ireland. It covers what it says, hotels, restaurants pubs and clubs, with exhibitors, industry experts and a parellel conference. Trade only and there's a fee for the conference

The captain has now turned off the clothes sign

I decided to forgo a photo on this one. Reuters have reported on a German travel agency that has opened bookings on the first nudist flight. Book now for only 499euros travelling in July from Erfurt (careful how you say that) to the Baltic resort of Usedom (not to be confused with Condom i suppose). It's a small plane, only 55 passengers - or bums on seats, they can't check in naked and the crew will be fully clothed "for safety reasons".
How long before Ryanair start charging an excess clothing fee.