Tuesday 23 December 2008

Christmas cheer

The people from Barbour index sent us the following christmas advice:

Have a Merry Green Christmas
Christmas is a time for overeating, overspending and overindulging. However it can also be a time when small changes could make a big difference for the environment. As always the Barbour team are here with some handy tips to make your festivities that little bit greener:
when doing your Christmas shopping make sure you re-use carrier bags
use environmentally friendly LED lights in your home on your Christmas tree
make sure you use rechargeable batteries in all the new Christmas gifts
recycle your Christmas tree
recycle your wrapping paper
recycle your Christmas cards
recycle packaging from gifts
where possible, buy locally produced food to cut down on travelling.
The Scottish Environment Minister, Michael Russell, has stated that it will only take a few small steps to make a huge difference this Christmas. For example he stated that rechargeable batteries have up to 28 times less impact on climate change then disposable ones which are often sent to landfill.
Discarded Christmas trees can also be turned into wood chip, feeding other trees, he noted.
Christmas should be a happy time for us all, please take some time to consider our environment too.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Our Christmas opening hours

Cathal Brugha Street's Library opening hours after Christmas...
Monday 5th January-
Thursday 8th January - 9am-9pm

Friday 9th January - 9am - 5pm
Saturday 10th December - 10am - 5pm

And normal term-time opening thereafter.
All times are subject to staff availability.

Monday 15 December 2008

are you ready to order there....thanks a million

surly service, service with a sneer. how come there is so much of it around in ireland. Some of these people have to work hard to get it so bad. Tonight the Service industry, including the tourism and hospitality sectors, is the subject of the Prime time investigates special presented by Conor Pope. Starts at 9:30 RTE1.
There was also a related article about bad service and the effects it has on a company's business in last saturdays Irish Times

Thursday 4 December 2008

The Duck Has Landed

Heston's book is now in the library (see post below)

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Mathematical gastronomy

On the one hand we're being told to be patriotic and shop in ireland, while on the other, Peter Robinson (NI's 1st minister) is tempting us North and congratulating the irish government on road improvements between dublin to newry. And it's hard to resist when you compare prices like this. - Heston Blumenthal he of Fat Duck (and previous blog postings here and here) fame will be in Harvey Nics, Dundrum on 12th dec. You can have lunch with the man for 180euros. They will be selling his book for 130euros - slighly cheaper than the price it is retailing for in a large dublin bookshop - 138euros. However its Recommended Retail Price (RRP) North of the border is £100stg. At current exchange that's 117euros. If you buy it on amazon it costs only £60stg = 70.70euros. So where would you buy it?

It's currently on order for the library and then of course you can look at it for free. You can also hear Heston for free on RTE Ryan Tubridy show on the friday morning before heading off to Dundrum